Every employee who is employed in a private or government sector pays a certain amount of money in preparation for his retirement or separation from service. This can be facilitated thru voluntary or personal payment and or payroll deduction while a worker is still active in the service. This is something very important since payments made and the number of years in service will be computed in order to determine the monthly pension amount to be received by a certain retiree. There are a lot of terms used in many countries. In Australia, for example, they call it self-managed superfund. The following steps are very helpful how you can avail of the service:

  1. Choosing the individuals who will function as administrators of the self-managed superfund. You could appoint or nominate the adult members of the family, or another option is appointing your closest business partners to manage the SMSF.
  2. Decide whether the organization will be individual or corporate. This is very crucial since managing your self-managed superfund requires a lot of attention and critical decision-making. It is an investment you cannot afford to lose.
  3. Obtain a deed of trust from a legal expert. This is a legal document that will fully explain the rules on how the fund should be established and how it should run in the future.
  4. Request for signatories in your trust deed. As a major beneficiary, affix your signature on the pertinent trust declaration after understanding its terms and conditions. Request your fellow trustees to follow after they have read and understood all the duties and obligations in the said document.
  5. Put into writing a strategy for your investment. This is to ensure that your hard earned money is invested where it should earn and improve your life. Direction is very important where your self-managed superfund is going.
  6. Comply with nominating somebody to manage the fund in case of your demise. Since death is an inevitable reality, you should prepare for it by appointing secondary administrators of the SMSF who will continue your legacy of service.
  7. Opening an account with a credible bank. In order for your self-managed superfund to pay benefits to your members or obtain profit from investors, you must make sure you transact directly with bank personnel to facilitate this request.
  8. Apply for a Tax File Number and Australian Business Number with the Australian Tax Office. This is a legitimate move or action on your part in order to register your business organization and your counterparts.
  9. Use an application in order for your funds to be registered with the Australian Tax Office.  This is to make sure that your fund is regulated by the agency concerned, and it is eligible for tax concessions.
  1.  Accept donations in cash and roll over your money to another compliant self –managed superfund.  This is only possible when your self-managed superannuation funds are active and running up-to-date.

Prepare and plan for your future now. You will not be able to enjoy your money if you don’t think in advance when and where it should probably go.

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